Ultrafire Affiliate Program team

Why join the Ultrafire Affiliate Program team?

1.Competitive commission rates from Ultrafire.com

2.Enjoy the benefits of working with the established Lowe's brandCollaborate with experienced professionals on the Ultrafire Affiliate 3.Marketing Team and work towards shared goals

4.Track your results through Ultrafire Radius

What we're looking for?

1.High-quality websites with US-based traffic

2.Affiliates using loyalty shopping, email and promotional content methods

3.Websites catering to the home improvement demographic

How it works?

1.You promote Ultrafire on your platforms(social, website, online/offline shops, blog etc.)

2.Put your Affiliate link on your website or share it with others. We offer you many ways to promote, including product links, coupons and banners.

3.You will earn up to 15% commission if someone clicks the link you shared and makes a purchase.

Your benefits

1.Up to 15% commission on each referred sale

2.Free products for review

3.180 days tracking cookie duration

4.Discount coupons

5.New profitable activities, updating banners and coupons

6.Newsletters when new activity and promotions update

Customer will get

1-year warranty

Discounts on every purchase

Free shipping for orders

High quality products

Excellent customer service

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