“Why UltraFire”


Your satisfaction is very important to us!

At UltraFire, customer satisfaction is our priority. We regularly check in with our customers to answer their queries. When our customers provide us with their valuable feedback, it helps us learn more about our areas of excellence. It allows us to keep delivering consistent efforts in those highlighted areas. Our customers' genuine responses also give us an insight into the places they feel requires improvement. It, in turn, enables us to work out new ways for elevating their experience.

We love our fans and crafty friends! See what some of them have to say about us! We take our work seriously and want you to be happy. We’re proud and honored to have received thousands of positive comments!

What our customer say?

  •  Vince

    5 days ago

" Notice how many reviews mention re-buying this flashlight!.

Take notice at how many people have purchased this product a second or even a third time . That's because this is the best little flashlight in the world. There a lots of this type of flashlight for sale on Amazon. Most of them look exactly alike. I've bought a few of the other flashlights and they are not the same. Many of them have a much shorter space between the LED and the lens which makes the focus and brightness far less than this one. Many are far less bright than this one. The ultra-fire is consistently the best product. I've bought at least a dozen of them ..Many of my friends have them because I love giving them as gifts . Highly recommend the Ultra-Fire."

  • Jay

" Exceeds Expectations.

No silly strobe or dull mode to cycle through. It's durable and reliable. Oh, it's maybe only 85%-90% as bright as this model used to be years ago since UltraFire made a tweak to it's engineering to make battery life even longer, but it's still brighter than lots of other seemingly similar competitor flashlights. Upon noticing the slight decrease in brightness from my older version of the same model, I wrote to the company who were so quick and friendly in responding, confirming my observation and explaining the change. What a great product backed by a great company! 

  •  Espi_phil

" UltraFire flashlight

I work outside in all types of weather. I used one for the last 2 months in the cold weather and I was surprised with how bright the (small) light was. I have bought similar size flashlights that claim to be bright and I was disappointed. The clip on other lights are loose and they'd fall off my vest when attached, something that I didn't experience with these flashlights. Definitely recommend this product if you need a small reliable flashlight. I can't comment about the durability under wet conditions because I didn't experience a heavy down pour with the flashlight."

  •  Excellent as with UltraFire in general

" Excellent as with Ultrafire in general.

Ultrafire is excellent and reliable with their products. I'm finding these batteries to be better than many BRC versions. Plus the flashlights are also always excellent and this one is no exception. 

I purchased it because it uses a newer Cree LED which is more efficient.

It clearly is and I'm happy."

  •  Ron Rawlinson

" Buy REAL UltraFire and you get really nice flashlights!

I’ve used Ultrafire flashlights while working as a service tech for restaurant equipment for several years. Lost mine, had to have another ASAP. THE 1000 lumen claim is real! This little flashlight provides plenty of light to work by. Most important to me, one button that only does one thing… on and off! Strobes and flashing lights are for toys, this is a tool for a professional."

  •  John R. Rawley

" Favorite of my collection.

This is my second UltraFire Flashlight. The amount of light it puts out is just amazing. The flashlight does get rather warm with sustained use.

The right size, the right lumens, super bright! Battery lasts along time. I’ve dropped it about 100 times. Super tough.I use this light for work. I have only had it about 6 weeks but, so far it's been great. It's what I needed. 


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