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Placing orders


Using the shopping cart to place an order`

1. Choose the quantity, then Click the ‘Add to Cart’

 2. Select theshipping method for the same supplier

3. If youselect items from different suppliers, the system will automatically combinethese items as one order.

4. If youchoose items from two different suppliers or select two different shippingmethods, the order will be divided into two.


Deleting or adding items

Adding items

1. Sign inyour account first and then search the items

2. Choose the one you would like to pickthen click Add to Cart

3. You may see a notice telling that yousuccessfully add an item to your shopping cart Deleting items

1. Sign inyour account

2. Click yourshopping cart then remove the item you don’t want

3. You candelete it through the View Cart & CheckoutHow to place an ordeAdd to Cart

1. Click tothe product page, click Add to Cart and precede to checkout

2. Completethe order form by enter information such as your Delivery address, post code,attn person, telephone number and etc  

3. Afterconfirm your order, precede to payment page, and choose your payment method

 Choose shipping method

1. On any product detail page, you canselect the shipping company you want to use.

2. Based on your shipping needs, ultrafire offersa variety of shipping companies for you to choose from

Why did my order failed

1. Meet error message “Max. 1,500English characters or Arabic numerals only. No HTML codes allowed.”

Since our website and service are based onEnglish, all the information that you typed in is required to be English inputmethod.

If certain letters of your message containNon-English letters, you are advised to use the similar English ones instead.For example, you may change letter "?" to "c".

If all the letters that you submit are inEnglish, please also be advised to check if the punctuations in your messageare under English input method.

2. Meet error message “This productis sold out or the seller has discontinued selling this product. Please contactthe seller for details. "

Please be advised to directly contact thesupplier to make sure if the product is still available.

3. Fail to place order due to Washingtonaddress

Please note that due to legal restrictions,ultrafire is unable to provide service to residents located in Washington.Therefore, you are unable to choose Washington as your shipping address and theorder can’t be placed successfully. However, please be assured that theservice will resume later this year.

4. Click the Place Order button, but nothinghappens

For this case, please firstly be advised touse IE or Firefox because some other browsers may encounter difficulties inusing ultrafire. If you use IE or Firefox, and nothing happens after you clickthe Place Order button, it is most likely your browser does not supportJavaScript.

 Please take the following steps to enablethe JavaScript function:

1. Click "Tools" on the menu barof the browser

2. Select "Internet Options"

3. Click the "Security" tag

4. In the "Security" section, youcan select "Default Level" to restore the settings, or select"Custom Level" and set "Scripting of Java applets" as"enable"

 Managing your orders

How can I cancel an order?

 How do I cancel a paid order?

 You can cancel your paid order before thesupplier ships it. You also need to contact the supplier and reach an agreementto cancel the order. To cancel your order online:

 1. Sign in to My Orders

 2. Click the Cancel Order button of your order

 3. Click 'Request Order Cancellation'

 If you choose the first or second reason,the order will be canceled due to buyer's fault and the supplier will not bepunished. However, if you choose any other reasons and choose Yes option tosubmit a complaint against the supplier, your supplier will be punished and therelated product will be removed from ultrafire

If an agreement is reached, the supplierwill not ship the order and the transaction will be canceled automatically.

If no agreement is reached, the supplierwill continue to ship the order.

Tip: To ensure the correct items areordered, we suggest that you read the products' detailed description carefullybefore ordering. If unsure, you can also chat with the supplier in real-time byclicking 'Chat now!' or send them a message by clicking 'Contact Now'.

I want to cancel the paid order, but thereis no Cancel Order button

Please note that if you paid by creditcard, the Cancel Order and Request Order Cancellation buttons will be availableafter 24 hours since you paid because the payment will be verified by our systemwithin 24 hours.

However, before you submit the cancellationrequest, you can contact the supplier to prevent the order being shipped out.


How to cancel an unpaid order?

Please note that we are updating the CancelOrder function for unpaid orders.

During this period of time, you no longerneed to manually cancel your unpaid order, because it will be automaticallycanceled if you don’t make a payment within 20 days of order placement.


How do I check the order status?

To check your order status, you can followthe below instructions:

1. Sign in your account and go to My Orders

2. Check your order status via the belowtabs:


3. Another wayto check your order status via Dispute Orders and Draft Orders tabs:


How to search my orders?

If you know the specific order number, youcan directly search it as the below page:

If you have forgotten your order number,you use the below search functions to search it:

 How do I extend the processing time?

If you want to extend the processing timefor your supplier, please follow the below steps:

1. Sign in My Orders and locate your order

2. Click the Extend Processing Time button

3. Fill in thetime that you want to extend and click the Confirm button

 How do I confirm my order has been received?

 How to Confirm Delivery

 1. Sign in to My ultrafire 

Click "Transactions", choose" Goods Awaiting Acceptance" to view your Orders:

2. Select the Order

Choose the Order you want to confirm andclick 'View Details' or 'Confirm Order Received'. If your Order has beensuccessfully delivered and you're satisfied with the item, click "ConfirmOrder Received".

3. Click "Confirm"

After confirming delivery, click"Confirm" and the order will be finished .


If the goods are not delivered in timeafter the supplier has confirmed shipment, we advise you to contact thesupplier immediately for an extension to the Delivery Period.

Buyers have the right to apply for a refundif:

The goods are not delivered in satisfactoryorder

The Order does not arrive within thestated delivery time

Click here tolearn how to submit an Open Dispute.

 How do I extend the 'order received'deadline?

Suppliers are allowed to extend thedeadline for you to confirm order received. If you would like to do so, pleasecontact the supplier immediately.

Alternatively, you can also Open Disputebefore the due date. You can cancel the dispute once the current problem hasbeen resolved.


How do I leave feedback for the seller?

You can leave feedback for suppliers within30 days of order completion.

There are 2 ways to leave feedback:

Method A

Sign into ultrafire

Confirm receipt of your order

On the Leave Feedback for this Transactionpage click Leave Feedback

Rate the seller by clicking the number ofstars you want to give and enter an explanation of your rating; yourexplanation should cover the quality of the item and the seller’s service;and click Leave Feedback


Method B

Sign into ultrafire

Go to Transactions, click ManageFeedback, then click Orders Awaiting My Feedback

Choose an order and click LeaveFeedback

Rate the seller by clicking the number ofstars you want to give and enter an explanation of your rating; yourexplanation should cover the quality of the item and the seller’s service.