Home Article List what is the highest capacity 18650 battery?

what is the highest capacity 18650 battery?

Date: Aug 27, 2018 Category: Knowlege Base
Summary: what is the highest capacity 18650 battery?

what is the highest capacity 18650 battery?

Due to the fixed size of the 18650 battery, its maximum capacity has been the focus of many practitioners. In recent years, the technology has improved and the capacity has improved. However, the best stability is the capacity of 2600~3000mah. It is best not to use the highest capacity for the battery pack, no matter the cost performance and battery pack life is not very cost-effective, so it is not that the higher the battery capacity, the more stable and long-lasting..

There are many large-capacity counterfeit batteries with the word Ultrafire on the market, such as 4000mah, 4800mah, etc. The actual capacity cannot reach such a high level. The Ultrafire 18650 battery currently has a maximum capacity of 3,400 mah and is being developed and working to break through 3,400 mah.

How can I know the actual capacity of the 18650 lithium battery? Unscrupulous manufacturers of large-capacity batteries can not be trusted, if you want to know the actual capacity, you can use professional testing equipment for charge and discharge testing, so usually customers do not know the specific capacity of the battery, it is easy to be deceived

Finally, the price of the 18650 lithium battery is proportional to the capacity. The larger the capacity, the greater the energy ratio. The more raw materials are used, the more expensive the price.

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