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waterproof diving torch

Date: Aug 28, 2018 Category: Knowlege Base
Summary: Ultrafire diving lights professionally do every kind of diving lights, not only for the light, but also for the respect of life.

 waterproof diving torch

The diving flashlight is a type of underwater lighting. The earliest diving flashlights were only used as diver lighting, but as people's interest in the sea became more intense, and the exploration of underwater ancient artifacts, national marine geography, underwater wedding photography, etc. It is upgraded from a diving flashlight and is a more demanding diving flashlight.


Diving can be divided according to different standards! According to the waters, it can be divided into freshwater diving (dive in inland rivers and lakes, lakes) and saltwater diving (dive in coastal and lagoons). According to the day and night, it can be divided into daytime diving and night diving. According to the diving depth, it can be divided into Shallow diving (within 30 meters) and deep diving (30-100 meters), according to the location of the diving can be divided into wild diving and indoor diving!

Different diving has different requirements for diving flashlights, because fresh water is less corrosive and very clear, so the requirements for the outer casing and light of the diving flashlight are not very high. But the salt water is very corrosive, An aluminum diving flashlight is very suitable! Strictly speaking, the difference between night dive and daytime dive will not be great, but the bright and powerful diving flashlight is more perfect for night dive, because the night is the most active time for underwater creatures, and plants and animals perform a silent symphony together! Japanese diving may feel only general !

The waterproof and brightness requirements of shallow diving opponents are not very high, and the light of deep diving flashlights needs to be farther and brighter, because the danger is greater, and it is responsible for life in advance to predict danger! Indoor diving do not need a diving flashlight! It is best to have one outside!


According to the diving use, it can be divided into scuba diving lighting flashlight, engineering diving lighting flashlight, fishing lighting flashlight, diving photography flashlight!


Ultrafire diving lights professionally do every kind of diving lights, not only for the light, but also for the respect of life.

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