WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting
WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting
#Light color_Green-Included_Flashlight  Package
#Light color_Red
#Light color_IR-Included_Flashlight  Package
WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting
WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting
WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting
#Light color_IR
#Included_Flashlight  Package
WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting
WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting
#Light color_Red

WF-508G/R/IR Zoom Hunting

Sale price$18.99 USD
Light color:Green
Included:Only Flashlight


  • Hunting: In leafy outdoor scenes, other colors are more likely to be absorbed by green leaves, while green light penetrates the jungle more easily. In certain hunting situations, green light is more likely to hunt dark prey, such as wild boars, especially when surrounded by dense vegetation, and for some experienced hunters, green light is less likely to startle the boars.
  • Green light is a more sensitive human color light, the use of green light when people's pupils will slightly shrink, aiming state, then see things accurately, very suitable for observing map fine documents;
  • With excellent waterproof performance, suitable for outdoor environment, bad weather conditions (except diving);
  • Widely used in hunting, mountaineering, camping trips, outdoor activities, etc.


  • Green LED model: WF-508B
  • Green wavelength: 520-530nmRed Light wavelength: 620-630nm Appearance
  • Color: black
  • Material: aluminum alloy, anodized
  • Lens: 28mm asphericallens
  • LED model: VCSEL 940nm
  • Wicks W number: 5W
  • Voltage: 3-12.6V
  • Gear mode: 1 gear
  • Product weight: 200g