provide paid warranty for more than 5 or 2 years of free warranty (including additional warranty period), and the cost shall be subject to the actual cost of material replacement without additional labor cost.


Extended warranty service: After registering the online version of the "quality assurance card" on Fenixlight Limited's official website, consumers can get an additional 6 months' free warranty period. This extended warranty policy only applies to flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, lanterns.


Warranty certificate: During the warranty period, the consumer shall contact the dealer with Fenixlight Limited's quality assurance card, purchase invoice or receipt, and the dealer shall provide service to the consumers, and our company will provide service support to the dealers.


The free warranty does not apply to any of the following situations:
A. Defective due to normal wear and tear
B. Defective due to rough handling
C. Product defect or damage caused by battery leakage or battery misuse