COMPACT - UltraFire


Super Fine,Compact Flashlight

Convenient to carry, small in size but very bright in brightness.



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R1  (Decompression) - UltraFire R1  Decompression
R1 (Decompression)
Sale price$20.99 USD Regular price$36.89 USD
Save 25%
TP1 (Multimode Tactical) - UltraFire TP1 Multimode Tactical
TP1 (Multimode Tactical)
Sale price$29.99 USD Regular price$39.99 USD
EC1 (Tactical Multimode)
Sale price$28.99 USD
SP10 (Zoom)
Sale priceFrom $16.99 USD
P70D (Multimode)
Sale priceFrom $24.99 USD
Save 48%
UF01 (Multimode EDC) - UltraFire UF01 Multimode Convenient
UF01 (Multimode EDC)
Sale price$13.98 USD Regular price$26.99 USD
GC20-Pro (Green Light)
Sale priceFrom $39.99 USD
UF-1102 (Multi-mode)
Sale priceFrom $16.99 USD
WF-501B (One/Five Mode)
Sale priceFrom $18.99 USD
Save 21%
WF-502B (One/Five Mode) - UltraFire WF-502B Multimode
WF-502B (One/Five Mode)
Sale priceFrom $18.99 USD Regular price$23.99 USD