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UltraFire®H-A100 4 in1 Multi colors Hunting Flashlight (Set)

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product descriptionRGBW 4-in-1 LED flashlight has 4 independent LED light sources (red, green, blue, ... More
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product description

RGBW 4-in-1 LED flashlight has 4 independent LED light sources (red, green, blue, white), with high brightness, suitable for camping, hiking, running, hunting, fishing, backpacking

Blue light-especially for fishing and hunting, blue light makes blood easier to see in the dark. It is very gentle and does not affect night vision. It is used to read maps and navigation charts.

The eyes of red / green light animals are not as sensitive to red / green light as human eyes, so they will not be scared by this red LED flashlight. Finding targets in the dark, such as pigs, coyotes, and foxes, is very helpful.

Bright white, compact enough to fit in a pocket, backpack or purse for easy storage and quick use.


Brand: UltraFire

Model: H-A100

Colour: Black

Material: Aluminum alloy

Light color: white light-blue light-green light-red light

Lamp bead model: LED XML-RGBW

Luminous flux: 300LM

Red wavelength: 620nm

Green light wavelength: 517nm

Blue light wavelength: 460nm

Beam range: 100-150m

Voltage: 1.5V-4.5V

Switch type: tail button

4 modes: white-red-green-blue

Working time: 3-4 hours

Waterproof standard: IPX-4

Power supply: 1 * 18650 battery / 3 * AAA (not included)

Weight: 262g

Flashlight size: 13.6 * 3.5 * 2.8cm

The package includes:

UltraFire H-A100 Flashlight * 1

With protection board 2600mah lithium battery * 1

Single slot charger * 1

1x plastic tube for 18650 battery

1x 3AAA battery holder

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  • Today i receive my order from you. Everything is just great and thank you for the gift you added to my order. It was a werry nice little lamp that one gone be in my pocket every day. Your product are high quality. I have my old lamps for over 7 year untill i lost it.

    -------- G Bergkvist

  • I have been very impressed by the quality of your products. I will be happy to keep receiving your donations for as long as possible, and acknowledging your kindness on communications like the one below.

    -------- Carlos Landaburu

  • Your flashlights are just amazing! Brightest light I have ever seen in my life and beautiful quality construction. I just placed another order for my family, will buy more for friends and family. Please please keep providing this world your wonderful products.

    -------- Mac Tran

  • Super high beam. Small enough to put in purse or deep pocket but with very strong beam. Long lasting batteries. My grandson loved it so much, he wanted another one to have one in car and one in house!

    -------- NDR

  • The flashlight is very bright compared to ones I've bought in stores and for half the price. I love that it's rechargeable and comes with different cords depending on your charging preferences.

    -------- Countryboy333

  • Excellent light,batteries,charger. I'm buying this same 502b for 4 yrs, giving old F-lights to friends & family, excellent for self defense, carry it on my belt loop all the time.

    -------- Enzo

  • So far, this thing is BRIGHT. I'm talking, able-to-see-it-on-a-sunny-day bright. It was also a pleasant surprise to see that it came with a spare battery. I'm taking it camping this weekend, so if I have any problems with it, I will update.

    -------- Mike "The Hurricane" Simpson