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Disputes & Refunds

Make a refund request by opening a dispute

How do I make a refund request?

While most issues can be handled successfully through basic open dialogue with the supplier, after all both parties greatly benefit from a favorable business relationship, sometimes certain situations must be escalated into more formal requests.

 By opening a dispute, buyers are officially stating they are dissatisfied with some aspects of their orders and want the supplier to take immediate action to remedy the situation.

 An Open Dispute is made if:

 Goods are not received (confirming date varies by choosing different courier services) after supplier has confirmed order has shipped

 Goods are not received in satisfactory condition

 By filling out the form provided in this process, buyers can explain the issue with the order and request an exchange, a partial refund, or in rare cases a full refund.

How do I Open a Dispute

You can open a dispute from the 6th days after the seller ships out your products up to the day the order is completed.

To begin the process, buyers need to sign in and click on "My Orders" on the home page (tab is in the uppermost tool bar). This will bring the buyer to all orders he or she has made on Ultrafire. Click "Open Dispute" on the link.

Also you could click "View Details" and go to the Transaction Details page, so you could see the button of "Open Dispute".

A basic form will pop up for the buyer to list the details of the order, the reasons for the dispute, and whether he or she would like a partial or complete refund. After filling it out completely, hit the ‘’Submit’’ link to send directly to the supplier.

If buyer has received the goods, buyer needs to add some evidence, just as pictures/videos/chat records to support his/her dispute request.

If buyer hasn’t received the goods, the attachment is optional:

How Open Dispute Process Works

After submitting the Open Dispute form, the supplier has 15 days to respond and try to reach an agreement with the buyer. If no agreement is reached within the 15-day time period, the dispute automatically be escalated, which will be reviewed and mediated by the Ultrafire Dispute Team. (Note: All Open Dispute information will be recorded and saved by the Ultrafire Dispute Team in case the dispute be escalated.)

If the buyer doesnt hear back from the supplier or feels negotiations are not moving forward, he or she does not have to wait until the 15-day dispute period ends. The buyer may escalate the dispute 3 days or more into the Open Dispute process.

How to modify the dispute

After you opened a dispute, you can modify your dispute request and try to make an agreement with supplier during the dispute time.

After filling it out completely, hit the ‘’Submit” link to send directly to the supplier.

Keep in Contact With Supplier

It is strongly urged that the buyer do his or her best to discuss issues with supplier and negotiate a reasonable solution as the purchase is with the supplier directly and not Ultrafire . It is also recommended that buyers actively keep in communication with the supplier during the Open Dispute process. All relevant dispute information inputed in the open dispute form should be shared with supplier via email leaving messages on Transaction Details. This could help expedite the process.


How do I request complaint from Ultrafire.com

In the unfortunate event that buyer and supplier cant reach an agreement during the 15-day Open Dispute time period, the buyer may escalate the dispute. Both "Contact Supplier"and "Open Dispute" are steps taken by the buyer to talk and negotiate with the supplier. The last step in the process, however, escalates the matter to Ultrafire.

By filing a claim, the buyer basically states he or she us unable to reach a fair, reasonable agreement with the supplier and requests Ultrafire to step in to handle the matter. Reasons to escalate the dispute may vary, but include supplier not responding to buyer requests or refusing to partially refund buyer for an order sent in unsatisfactory condition.


How do I cancel a dispute?

Sign in to the "My Orders" section of your Ultrafire account, click Cancel Dispute button to cancel the dispute.


The seller didn't approve my Dispute Request. What?can I do?

If the supplier rejects your dispute Request, you can:

a) Contact the supplier to negotiate different refund terms

b) File a claim to Ultrafire


How does Dispute & Claim process work?

If buyer doesn't receive the goods or the goods received are not as description, there are three-step dispute process for buyers to follow.

If for any reason a buyer is unsatisfied with an order from one of Ultrafire' suppliers, immediate action can be taken,by following these basic procedures in their respective order,

1. Contact Supplier

2. Open a Dispute

3. File a Claim


When can I open a dispute?

1. If supplier sent the products by DHL/UPS/TNT/FedEx, you can submit an "Open Dispute" from the 6th day to 23rd day after seller sent the goods out.

2. If supplier sent the products by EMS/SF, you can submit an "Open Dispute" from the 6th day to 27th day after seller sent the goods out.

3. If supplier sent the products by China Post/HK Post, you can submit an "Open Dispute" from the 6th day to 39th day after seller sent the goods out.


When can I file a Claim:

1. If you still couldn’t reach an agreement with supplier, you could submit a "File Claim" from :the 4th day to 15th day of the initial Open Dispute.

2. If you didn't cancel this dispute until 16th day, the dispute will automatically be submitted to Ultrafire.com Dispute team

Ongoing claims

How do I gather evidence to prove my claim?

When dealing with disputes, we base our judgment on the evidence provided by buyers. The buyer must provide evidence within 3-7 days (in reference to the email we have sent). Please pay more attention to the email from Ultrafire, which is from us to ask some evidence or tell you the statues of the dispute. And buyer can negotiate with seller about returning the goods for refund or replacement.

1.  Size problem:

If there is a problem with the measurement of the item you ordered. Please use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the actual size. To measure the actual size of the item, please lay the item flat on a surface along, stretched from the start of the area being measure to the end. Then measure the item using a ruler or measuring tape displaying the measurements clearly. If the item has a label with the measurements printed onto it, please take a photo of the label as well. Please refer to the example below.


The photo on the left is the one we accepted and considered as valid evidence , while the right one is regarded as unclear and cannot show the problem sufficiently.


 Shoes problems:

If you have received the wrong size, you can then either show us the label on the shoes, or measure the length of the shoes insole or the shoes button. You can measure your feet and make a comparison with the size of the shoes in the description. (Please note that the size indicated on the box may not be accurate, and therefore claims that are made due to the size on the box not being accurate will not be accepted.)

Clothing problems:

Tips: It is common for some button holes to be closed; you simply need to use a pair scissors or a small knife to open the button hole. It is also common to have threads left over that are stitching’s, you can use a pair of scissors to cut the ends of the threads. These are considered normal, and claims for returns based on these points will not be accepted.                

2. Description problem:

If you have received a completely different product than that of which you have ordered, please take photos of the package including the tracking number clearly visible so that we can investigate thoroughly.

Attention: Valid evidence should show the product in the picture, screen shot will not be accepted here.

If the product you received is not as described, such as incorrect color, material etc. Please provide us with a comparison between the item you ordered and the one you received.

2.1  Color problem

If the product you received is not the same color as the product you ordered, please send us a comparison of the two, the item you ordered and the one you received

Jewelry problems:

Wrong size ring: You will need to measure the ring with a finger ring size measuring tool and compare the size with the ring that you have ordered. Please take photos of the ring when measuring the size with the tool and send the photo to us.

2.2  Function problem

If the function of the product you received is not as the one you ordered, please take a photo and indicate to us the difference between the product you ordered and the one you received.

2.3 Material problem

If you think the material of the item you received is not as the one you ordered, then please send us a photo of the label on the item, (see below example). You can also have the material tested by a 3rd party and send us the result in either a video or document format.

3.  Quality problem:

If your product has a quality problem or does not work well, please provide clear videos when you test the item. Make sure your videos are long and clear enough to identify the problem. You can upload the video directly to the platform.


To send video for your dispute:

Step 1. Click 'Open Dispute' on the order detail page/Click ‘Respond’ on the Dispute Detail page if the dispute is escalated

Step 2. Click 'Add Video'

Step 3. Upload the video from your computer. Please note you can upload one video only.

Notice: The video should be in 3GPMP4MPVMOVRMRMVBAVIMPEGWMVDATVOBFLV; and the size limit is 200M.


If the product cannot be turned on, then you need to provide us with a clear video of the product connected to the charger; and clearly stating the problem. Make sure you press and hold the power button for more than 3 seconds, while taking the video.


If the earpieces cannot work well, please play the music and show us the sound from both earpieces in the video. If the mic cannot work well please use sound recording App to test it in the video.


If the camera you bought is not working properly, please prove to us what the issue is by shoot and upload a video from your cellphone or another camera.


Phone or tablet problems:

According the industry standard, the actual RAM/ROM display is 1%-50% less than the actual size indicated in descriptions; that is because system data will occupy some of the storage space. For Example, a phone described as having RAM 2GB when the actual RAM was 1.1GB after being tested by Antutu (a mobile testing App), means that 0.9GB of the space was being occupied by the Phone’s OS. Claims made regarding RAM storage being less than described will be rejected if the storage space is accounted for based on the above example.

You can use Antutu to test features such as CPU, display resolution etc.

If you are having problems with the system language support, you will need to show the specific language you have chosen in settings. (Note: It is normal that some product may not be able to support 100% language translation).

4.  Damaged item:

When your order arrives, and you discover that your product is damaged, please take clear photos of the damaged areas. You must also provide a photo showing the entire package the product was shipped in. This will enable us to determine if the package is damaged, or just the product.  Please note that if you submit a claim 3 days after you received your product, you will have to provide a damage assessment report from the shipping company that delivered your product to you. Otherwise, your claim cannot be processed by Ultrafire.com.If you found that the packaging of your item is damaged upon delivery, please take photos and you may refuse to sign for the package if you wish.

5.  Missing accessories:

If your product is missing accessories, please provide the names of all the missing parts and take a clear photo of all the items you have received in the current package.


If you received the incorrect quantity of the products you ordered, please take a photo and inform us of the actual net weight of the products you received. Please refer to the example below.

6. Hair products problems.

Claims Not Accepted

Generally, we do accept claims if user reports that the hair is tangled, shedding, nappy, rough, knotted, dry or smelly. Whether your claim would be established, it depends on the thorough review of the case detail, especially the evidence you submitted. If the hair has any of the above mentioned problems due to the reason that you have processed the hair, like perming and dying, your claim would not be supported by AliExpress. 

Claims Accepted

Whether your claim would be established, it depends on the thorough review of the case detail, especially the evidence you submitted.


How to provide the evidence

Length Problem

If you bought an item which is not as described, and the problems are difficult to indicate to us in a photo or video; such as sounds problems with headphones or perfumes that are not as described, you should then return the items in order to receive a refund.

If the hair product does not match the description, please submit a clear photo or video showing the problem. Please follow the following steps when taking photos / videos.

1. Hold both ends of the hair and stretch it so that it is straight.

2. Place the straightened hair next to the ruler, where the length could easily be read.


Thickness/Weight Problem

If the weight of hair does not match the description, like hair is thinner or not of full bundle, please indicate how many grams were missing. Meanwhile, please submit a clear photo which demonstrates the hair and weight. If you have more than one piece which has the same problem, a video is required to demonstrate the problem of each item.

7. Lights problems

If you have any specific problems or other faults with the product then please indicate them clearly in the video.

For example: If you have purchased many faulty light bulbs that flickers after installation, then please clearly show this in the video (i.e. take a video that shows a flickering bulb).

If the products arrived without CE certificate as seller promised.

Please show the light bulb and the package that it arrived in, along with all the affected units clearly indicated using labels where possible. Please also show the CE certificate of quality that came with the product.

If the wattage is not as described.

Any information which is listed on the package or the bulb itself should be clearly provided as video or photo evidence. This includes information such as the wattage for example.

If the wattage information on the light bulb or the package is missing then you will need to measure the wattage using a multimeter or a Volt-Ohm meter. A video or photo evidence must be provided which shows that you are measuring the wattage. The results must be clearly visible for the viewer.

If you received a faulty light bulb.

Please provide us with a video showing the comparison between the light bulb you have received and a light bulb that has a similar brightness (i.e. measured using Lumens). You can compare the brightness just by looking with your naked-eye and see which bulb is brighter. If the video shows that there are differences between the two, your claim will then be accepted.

If you bought a faulty torch.

Please provide us with video evidence showing the faulty torch being tested. You will also need to test the batteries, preferably by using them on another device and with clear video evidence that shows the testing procedure.


Extra Tips:

1.We recommend you provide a screen shot of the transcript you had with the seller, such as from, Email, Skype, or other IM soft wares.

2.For returned products, You must confirm the return address with the seller, and provide tracking details when shipping your items back. Please note that you will not be protected by Ultrafire without providing shipping confirmation. Please make sure you keep hold of the shipping documents and shipping payment invoices; as they might be needed by Ultrafire case management specialists. If the buyer has reached an agreement with the seller to return the items for a full refund, then the buyer needs to provide a tracking number. Otherwise, the buyer cannot be protected against claims such as, items not received by the seller.

3. For all photos provided as evidence for damaged products, we suggest that you mark the defective areas so that we can identify the problem area clearly.

4. Regardless of the photos that you provide, a clear and complete photo of the product should be clearly shown.

5. If you are submitting photos for multiple defective items, please make sure that you take photos of each defective item separately.

6. If you have purchased more than one item, do not forget to indicate the defects on each single item you purchased separately.

7. If you bought an item which is not as described, and the problems are difficult to indicate to us in a photo or video; such as sounds problems with headphones or perfumes that are not as described, you should then return the items in order to receive a refund.


You can check escalated disputes, track the status, the history in your Ultrafire account.


Receiving refunds

When will I receive my refund?

The refund caused by order cancellation, refund agreement or Mediation will be process instantly from Ultrafire account. However, it may take 7-10 business days for it to display on your credit card statement.

Refunds are issued based on the payment method used at the time of purchase. Please refer to the below table for the detailed refund time:


Late Refund

 If you haven't received a credit for your return yet, here's what to do:

1. Credit Card Refund and Debit Card: Contact the credit card company. It may take some time before the refund is posted to your account.

2. Bank Account Refund: Contact your bank. There may be some processing time before the refund is posted to your account.